Roger L. Simon

Vindication for the Goldman Family - OJ guilty on 12 counts

I have written elsewhere (and in my forthcoming book) of the curious influence of the O. J. Simpson trial on my life and political development, so I found myself uncommonly moved when Simpson was convicted tonight–thirteen years to the day since his acquittal for the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman–of relatively minor crimes that will likely send him away for life.  Karma? Well, sure…

History will see the original Simpson Trial as a turning point in the evolution of our culture into a media dominated spectator sport often devoid of moral compass.  Will it now begin to right itself?  Will OJ finally confess to the murders now that he has little to lose?  What about what’s left of the rest of the Dream Team?  Will they confess to having participated in the distortion of justice?  Will the pathetic Lance Ito surface?

Who knows?

For now:  Congratulations to the Goldmans – those who are still alive.