Roger L. Simon

Obama at the Wilshire: Hooray for Hollywood (money)!

Drudge is naturally making a big to-do this morning about the mega fundraiser at the Beverly Wilshire tonight:

As most of us in the media know, “anti-Hollywood” sells,  just as “Hollywood sells.”  And with La Barbra singing – all the better. [Don’t tell me you are about to launch into your personal Streisand stories just to hype your book Blacklisting Myself. It’s not even published yet.-ed.  I will restrain myself. Yeah, right.]

Still it is rather unseemly that a 28K-a-plate fundraiser is going on amidst a (relative) stock meltdown and (not so relative) mortgage crisis.  If the event does reach the trumpeted single-day record of 9-million dollars, that could have kept a lot of folks in their houses.  I doubt any of the people at the event  have that problem, though there are, as always, exceptions.

In the midst of this, of course, is the assumption that all of Hollywood is in the tank for Obama.  Not so.  The majority may be, but there are, again, many exceptions, including the man I consider the finest American film actor and our best director.   Some of the best younger talent is said to be in the McCain column as well. The problem in this town is that people further down the food chain face pressure that Clint and those others on the A-list would never see.  Those rank-and-file show biz people are the ones who have to go along (with the pervasive liberalist ethic) to play along (work).  But, like gays in the eighties, more and more are beginning to come out.