Roger L. Simon

The Big Bounce bounces over Olbermann and Matthews

I must say it’s amusing that on the day John McCain bounced to a ten-point lead (likely voters) over his unprepared opponent, MSNBC gave the hook to its “nattering nabobs” of bourgeois pseudo-leftism – Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. Somehow parent company NBC got the idea these clowns were not up to moderating a serious political debate.  So much for sideshows.

Meanwhile the mainstream media must be in a state of shock.  Their hero is in serious jeopardy of losing. It’s stunning how simple-minded most of these idolatrous journos were and are – glomming onto Obama just because he was black and a good public speaker. (Can someone give me another reason?) It all seems almost reverse racist, especially since we have had two African-American Secretaries of State in a row, the first of whom, Colin Powell, might have gotten himself elected President just by raising his pinky.  America is more than ready for a black President–I for one would love to see one– but why must it be someone with virtually no experience other than running for office? (Obama practically admitted that himself when comparing himself to Palin).

And then there’s John McCain who has more experience than anybody in my lifetime and who has taken more true bi-partisan  actions than virtually anybody in the history of our country, at least in the Congress.  (Obama has taken a total of none.) But the mainstream media still abjured McCain, practically en masse, for the untested Obama. Pathetic.  Fortunately, the American people are now feeling differently.  Perhaps it’s because they like Palin, but I suspect McCain himself has more to do with it than most acknowledge.  I have listened to his speech a second time and, prosaic as it is, the words are inspirational.  I have also noted that McCain recently pledged to fill his cabinet with the best people irrespective of party.  As much as any big time politician I can think of, the man is for real. Obama is again the opposite.  From the outset I had no idea who he was and I still don’t.  I’m not altogether sure that he knows himself.

When I voted for Schwarzenegger and Bush (only in ’04), I did so with hesitation, because I do not identify as a Republican – or with any political party, for that matter.  That’s over for me. But when I punch the hole for McCain, I will do it wholeheartedly.  This man says he puts “country first” (before party).  I believe him.  He’s proven it again and again.