Roger L. Simon

Palin: Obama, the stodgy; McCain, the maverick

Well, some people walk the walk and others talk the talk the talk the talk the talk…..

Watching Obama’s display last night I was pretty depressed.  Unlike some commentators (Bill Kristol, Jay Nordlinger) I found it the most conventional imaginable speech, as if the tired ideas of a Walter Mondale were dressed in a production by Zhang Yimou.  Yes, the whole affair put me in mind of the Beijing Olympics – all flash and no substance – except they didn’t have a director of the level of the brilliant Zhang, just a lot of fireworks and a pompous set.  Obama looked angry to me.

Meanwhile, McCain has picked a woman. I don’t know enough about Sarah Palin (of course I know some and will know a lot more, I’m sure) but John McCain has once again shown he is willing to, in fact eager to,  move in a positive and (relatively) unexpected direction. He is his own man.  Obama – the agent of change – picked the most conventional of the conventional.  But then his speech was the same way. The media, of course, swallowed like eager, brainless adherents – another indication that liberalism is not only dead, it’s decomposed.

UPDATE: Speaking of walking the walking, although she opposes same-sex marriage, which they all do, Palin seems to be by far the most advanced of all four candidates on gay rights.  She’s actually put them into law.  Way to go. (see Wikipedia)