Roger L. Simon

McCain - the big veep mystery

People have been asking me all day if PJM has any inside dope about the McCain veepstakes.  Nothing  I would trust, though I have heard rumors.  A few days ago it was Romney, until the “how many houses” dust-up.  (Romney has more than a few manses himself.)  Then there was  Lieberman, the McCain pal, but he’s pro-choice, apparently a no-no. This was followed by the woman whispers, especially with Hillary dissed (or not).  But Sara Palin doesn’t have a whole lot of experience and someone said McCain doesn’t get along with Kay Bailey Hutchinson.  Who knew?  Anyway, Pawlenty has risen to the fore as of this writing…. Oh, I forgot – there was a Colin Powell ripple a few days ago.  Wishful thinking.  In any case, it won’t be long before we all find out.