Roger L. Simon

Edwards, Elizabeth and the Comedy of Legacy Media

We all have sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards, but her statement on the Daily Kos is pretty bizarre. Let’s hope she’s lying, because if she isn’t, as Lee Stranahan points out, she was willing to let her husband run for President after she knew he just had an affair – putting at risk the Democratic Party and all that Two Americas palaver they espoused. Talk about arrogance and stupidity or both.  Of course, if she knows it’s all BS and she’s still covering up for her husband, well, we’re all entitled to our personal Stockholm Syndromes.

Meanwhile, the spectacle of the mainstream media suddenly doing wall-to-wall coverage of the subject they wouldn’t touch is hugely entertaining, especially the formerly silent CNN (Eason Jordan News Network) paying more attention to the scandal than nuclear war. (Even so, they got some facts wrong. Rielle Hunter is 44, not 42, and she moved from New York to LA, not vice versa as the news network said.)  Of course the big winner here is the National Enquirer who have shown themselves to be far superior reporters to the drones of the MSM. Of course, that’s no surprise.  They beat everybody during the OJ trial.  [How quickly they forget.-ed.  That’s because they want to.]

MEANWHILE, one of the few remaining reporters at the Los Angeles Times had this to say: Several newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, had been pursuing the story prior to Friday. Oh, really?  As I recall some nitwit editor over there was telling his bloggers not to report the story but to “Keep rockin'” (how sophisticated).  No matter.  There won’t be anybody left working at the LAT in a few years anyway. In fact, the absurd see-no-evil reaction to the Edwards Affair will be seen as a benchmark in know-nothing journalism by the MSM and one of the last nails in their coffin. Too bad most of their soon-to-be unemployed reporters are not good enough to get jobs at the National Enquirer. [What about PJM?-ed.  No comment.]