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Edwards: Wikipedia engages in some 'political cleansing'

As Gawker points out, it's not just the MSM. New Media mainstay Wikipedia is engaging in some "ethnic (make that 'political') cleansing" on the John Edwards love-child scandal, an affair whose veracity has become as obvious as OJ's guilt. (No, I'm not equating Edwards with Simpson.)

This is  disgraceful behavior on the part of Wikipedia, which is demonstrating bias that errs on the side of laughable.  But we should be grateful. This censorship reminds us never to trust anyone. [Including this blog?-ed.  Definitely.]  Especially do not trust those whose expertise pretends to be encyclopedic. No one's is, not even an organization that pretends to use the wisdom of crowds in the manner of Wikipedia.  Too often we reference Wikipedia as if it were authoritative.  It isn't. Not even faintly.