Roger L. Simon

Obama the surge surgeon

Engaging in a little political “policy cleansing,” Obama has executed a “Surge Purge” from his website. [At least it wasn’t “ethnic cleansing.” – ed. Perish the thought.] Oh, well – tempus fugit, as they say.  What’s a candidate to do in the endless campaign? One thing, of course, is to keep the media on his side well brow-beating the electorate with self-serving nonsense.  Obama seems particularly good at this.  But time may be running out on him.  What is on his side, however, is the continually tanking economy, which seems to be tied to our gas tanks, even as the prcie of oil bounces around like a Spaldeen’ from my childhood.  No president may have in his power to grab hold of this endless bouncing ball, but this won’t stop Obama from exploiting the situation, at the  same time intoning the pieties about the ills of drilling. Go figure.