Roger L. Simon

Obama in the land of Joseph Heller

If I were Obama’s handlers – not to mention the candidate himself – I’d be mighty worried about the latest round of polls showing the Illinois senator in a dead heat with McCain. This although the Arizona senator hasn’t made much of splash in the media lately.  Almost all the coverage has been about Obama.

I had always assumed that the race would tighten up in October, but we’re a long way from then. Why so early? What does this mean?  Well, I might go on about this at more length, but it’s obvious Barack’s deep  in the old Catch-22, not able to look like the candidate of change or “new” politics as he slips-slides to the center.  And to make matters worse, he can’t even go that far to the middle without sounding like a total hypocrite and alienating his base. He’s not even able to advocate something as apparent to the American public as the necessity of off-shore oil drilling, when the Chinese and the Cubans are about to drill in those same waters off America’s shores.  (Ironically, Obama may end up having considerably more trouble with his base than McCain will with his.) And there’s the nuclear power question, and Iraq and Iran. Common sense puts Obama on virtuallythe wrong side of everything with nowhere to go but the center and a hoard of ideologues from the Daily Kos and Moveon, chomping at his heels.  Am I crazy to think this election may not end up being so close?