Roger L. Simon

Israel's conundrum

To be an Israeli leader is probably rarely fun, but at this moment it may be less fun than ever.  And I’m not talking about Olmert’s possible corruption.  I’m talking, of course, about Iran – to bomb or not to bomb, that is the question.  Were Israeli’s recent military exercises in the Mediterranean a scare tactic or the real thing?  Do they know themselves?

Given the tragedy of Jewish history, what Israeli leader would not take Ahmadinjead, Khameni, et al, seriously? And yet from afar the Iranian leadership often seems like delusional religious maniacs or con artists doing a monumental job of exploiting their own people.  It’s hard for the Western mind to  think they actually  believe all this Mahdi nonsense. It must be a joke, right? Meanwhile they’re on the brink of nuclear weapons.

UPDATE:  Speaking of Iran, on PJM this morning, Sheryl has an absolutely mind-blowing report on a jaw-dropping prevarication by that “great historian” Pat Buchanan.