Roger L. Simon

Obama Campaign Craters: Tries to Sell Us Brooklyn Bridge

That’s been done zillion times before, of course, but not quite this baldly. According to Reuters, Obama is trying to wrest the ‘Straight Talk’ mantle from McCain.

White House hopeful Barack Obama sought on Saturday to wrest away rival John McCain’s campaign theme, casting himself as the “Straight Talk” candidate willing to level with voters about tough choices facing the country.

Say what?

Yes, you read that correctly. The man who spent twenty years in the pew of a wretched, racist, sociopath and claimed not to know how bad the execrable minister was is now projecting himself as a “paragon of the truth.” (How many different versions of that story did we hear? I’ve lost count.) And that’s not even getting into Rezko, Ayers, etc.

I know – surely he can’t be serious. It’s too ridiculous. But it does make some bizarre sense if you follow the psyche of Barack Obama. Anyone who thinks he deserves to be President at the age of 46 because of a couple of years in the Senate and, in his words, “years of community organizing” has a sense of entitlement the size of, well, Brooklyn. Why not try to sell us the bridge?