Roger L. Simon

Glenn Reynolds: Connecting the Nanodots

Because I work with Glenn Reynolds… or Glenn Harlan Reynolds, as he prefers to be called when writing outside the more informal blogosphere… on what sometimes relates to a daily basis on Pajamas Media matters, I sometimes forget what an original thinker he can be — or, more precisely, what a superb synthesizer. He shows it in a piece today for the NY Post: Green & Smart.

What I like about Glenn is he marches straight past the Gore Vidal bloviators and global warming religious fanatics on one side and the AGW-can’t-be-be-and-keep-your-liberal-hands-off-my-SUV cabal on the other and goes directly to real energy solutions. He dusts off the hair-shirt approach (tell that to the Chinese) and opts for new technology, specifically his favorite, nanotechnology: Nanotech is starting to yield super-strong, super-light materials, too. Imagine how much more efficient a family car could be if you cut the weight in half, even if you kept burning gas. But nanotech is also likely to produce better batteries and better motors, meaning that your lighter car may also be electric, powered ultimately by those nanodot solar panels.

All of these things are in the works now to greater and lesser degrees, but they could happen faster if there were more research and development support.

Makes sense to me. [Do you understand nanotechnology?-ed. Shhhh….]