Roger L. Simon

Tibet, China and a Question

I see all the usual suspects jumping around San Francisco, decorating the Golden Gate Bridge, gonging-gongs and bhonging-bhongs… or whatever… in behalf of the put-upon Tibetans… and I’m all for that. I don’t much care for what China has done to these people either. But do you ever see any of these demonstrators protesting the repressive actions of radical Islam, which are far worse than those of the Chinese? Somewhere between not-very-often and never. The selectivity of protest is fascinating.

Now that great idealist Hillary Clinton is leading the charge against the Chinese. Does anyone take any of her opinions on anything seriously anymore? I’ve never seen anyone run such a terrible campaign since… since… Rudy Giuliani. [Weren’t those two supposed to be running against each other?-ed Maybe Rudy should take a stand against the Chinese.]