Roger L. Simon

Our Boy Bill: "McCarthyism" is Back?

Good old “Tailgunner” Joe McCarthy – America’s favorite whipping boy – the man who ruined more lives than Stalin… scratch that… well, ruined quite a few lives and was a drunk besides… [Is being a drunk all bad? There’s Richard Burton and–ed. Will you let me finish my sentence?]… Now, before I was so rudely interrupted… it seems Bill Clinton is now being accused of being a McCarthyite or McCarthyist by some retired general flacking for Obama. This guy Air Force Gen. Merrill “Tony” McPeak may have a point, but it’s not the one he thinks it is. Bill Clinton doesn’t share much with McCarthy, except that they were both, essentially, Republicans. Clinton was a complete middle-of-the-roader who rolled back welfare because he realized it was bad for black people (among other things). Not only was Bill the “first black president,” he was also the first “black Republican president.” (Read that Condoleeza and weep.) Of course his wife has no skills for pulling off anything remotely like that. And Obama is shooting for being the first “black ye olde liberal president,” as he has revealed in his recent speech on race. He should take some lessons from Bill on what really is good for African-Americans. The rest of this is just blabla from this morning’s Drudge Report. It’s a slow news day. [Don’t forget to say Happy Easter!-ed. Happy Easter!]