Roger L. Simon

Where We Are This Sunday (maybe a new feature)

The elegant Mr. Kimball writes today of “Soft Jihad,” while Andrew Bostom warns of the curious absence of Alan Dershowitz on similar matters.

On the home front, Obama continues to implode (Instapundit). If Matthew Yglesias is correct in his analysis and I think he is:

Obama’s going to have a hard time explaining that I take to be the truth, namely that his relationship with Trinity has been a bit cynical from the beginning. After all, before Obama was a half-black guy running in a mostly white country he was a half-white guy running in a mostly black neighborhood. At that time, associating with a very large, influential, local church with black nationalist overtones was a clear political asset . . . . Since emerging onto a larger stage, it’s been the reverse and Obama’s consistently sought to distance himself from Wright, disinviting him from his campaign’s launch, analogizing him to a crazy uncle who you love but don’t listen to, etc.

Then what Reynolds says is also true:

The “real” Obama, in other words, probably looks a lot like the “real” person inside most politicians — somebody who mostly cares about Number One and will do and say what it takes to get elected. The problem for Obama is that Bill Clinton, who ran as a likable rogue, could get away with this sort of thing to an extent that someone who runs as a force for “unity” and “a new kind of politics” can’t, since this looks a lot like — well, actually it looks exactly like — the old kind of politics.

So this all seems to be good news for that geezer John McCain who is running around the world making the top of Drudge by acting like the President.

Speaking of McCain… and this is highly highly anecdotal obviously… I was at a fund raising party for my daughter’s private school last night. It’s a Hollywood private school, so naturally has a large number of parents in the entertainment industry. Guess what? Several I talked to are seriously thinking about voting for McCain. In fact to me it sounded as if it were a fait accompli. Jeremiah Wright, apparently, got their attention. And no one believed Obama hadn’t known about Wright’s views for years.

One more thing: Those who look at Yglesias’ post will also see that he thinks this is a”trumped up” issue. He references Congregation Rodef Shalom, which he attended or attends, as an example. He said he didn’t always agree with the rabbi on political issues. I’m sure that’s so. But I doubt the rabbi of Rodef Shalom is a racist. Jeremiah Wright is. And I doubt Yglesias would ever attend the synagogue of a racist rabbi. Matthew is not even being slightly honest here. This is an example of where liberalism itself has become a religion. That is reactionary in my book.