Roger L. Simon

Spitzer Update -Strange Doings on Planet Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz showed himself to be monumentally out of touch with humanity when he cluelessly asserted on MSNBC this afternoon, re: Spitzer:

I have two reactions. One, I feel terrible for Eliot and his family. But I feel that this is a America-only story that we have to put in perspective. You know, big deal, married man goes to prostitute! In Europe, this wouldn’t even make the back pages of the newspaper. It’s a uniquely American story. We’re a uniquely, you know, pandering society and hypocritical society, when it comes to sex.

America only? I’m assuming Dershowitz has been living in a cave somewhere for the last six months and missed the entire French nation getting in a twist over Sarkozy’s affair and then marriage to Carla Bruni – and that was completely legal and aboveboard. Only someone truly square (like a lawyer?) still believes that canard about sophisticated Europe/naive US. Moreover, the outcry against Spitzer was not because he was some man seeing a prostitute, but because he was a guy who puts prostitutes in jail seeing a prostitute. Meanwhile, the Times Online has it not on page 23 or whatever, but on its front page. You can imagine where it would be were this true of Tony Blair or Gordon Brown. Oh, Dershowitz must have forgotten the Profumo Affair. Time for Alan to amend his statements.