Roger L. Simon

First London, Next New York

I am in New York — the city of my birth — for today en route home to LA from the Politics Online conference in DC. Waking up in my sister and borther-in-laws appartment, my brother-in-law passed me this article from the NY Sun — Mayor: Muslim Holy Days Shouldn’t Be School Holidays. “As Drudge would say, the article contains what was, for me at least, a “shocker”: A 2004 Columbia University study estimated that 102,000 Muslim children attended city public schools, making them about 10% of the city’s student population.” That was 2004. What is it now? So much, in any case, for Jesse Jackson’s vaunted “hymietown”. Should we now be closing our eyes and looking forward to the imposition of Sharia Law at Zabar’s? Crazier things have happened in the history of humanity. I blush to admit I haven’t read any of Robert Ferrigno’s futuristic thrillers yet, in which the author envisions courageous holdouts battling inside an Islamic US. Maybe I should.