Roger L. Simon

What would you do if you were the Prime Minister of Israel?

The horrific news today from Jerusalem put me in mind of that age old question. I may be th village atheist but the idea that some religious psychopath could march into a yeshiva and shoot everyone in sight until someone stops him sends me reaching for my non-existent guns. And on top of that Hamas praises the act and people dance in the streets of Gaza. What a culture they have.

So what would you do? I think I am basically a hothead and would not exercise restraint. Tonight I think, if I were the Prime Minister of Israel, I would sat to the citizens of Gaza “You want a state? From today, you’ve got one. Behave like one.” And when the inevitable katyushas came, I would do to them what the United States did to Dresden…. Of course, I do not know that I would really do this. But that’s the way I think right now. There may be no other one in the end.