Roger L. Simon

Al Dura.... Skyping Paris

I was up early this morning to help with PJM’s ongoing coverage of the Al Dura Trial in Paris. We seem to be almost alone in the US media bothering with this trial, yet it has arguably tremendous historical significance. The photo of the supposedly-dead Palestinian boy Mohammed al Dura, “murdered” by Israeli troops, went round the world and helped instigate Intifada II (which in turn helped instigate a lot of things, including the Iraq War). If this video and ensuing photo proves to be a forgery, many things must be reexamined, although I doubt they will be. People cling to their views like a two-year olds’ security blanket.

Nevertheless, that’s why I was on Skype this morning with Richard Landes, using the reliable Call Recorder software to record our conversation for a podcast you can hear here. Skype is a marvelous invention, when it works. And it works more often than not these days.