Pakistani Madness: They Have Nuclear Weapons, Ladies and Gentlemen

About a month ago, I wrote the following on this blog:

While watching the endless pundit blather on TV tonight after the Republican Michigan Primary and Democratic Nevada Debate and reading the various opinion meisters commentaries online, I had one of those rare zen moments of simplicity. It all comes down to a simple question:


Who would you like to be in the White House if Pakistan fell to al Qaeda and the Islamists gained control of its nuclear arsenal?

Answer that question and you will know your candidate. All the rest, as they say, is commentary.

Just the other day, the estimable Mark Steyn “broadly agreed.”

Now today we read of another event from that nuclear-armed country with a population greater than Russia’s: A suicide car-bomb attack outside a Pakistani election candidate’s office killed 27 people on Saturday, the last day of campaigning for a general election meant to complete a transition to civilian rule.

Yes, my friends, we live in a very dangerous world that doesn’t look as if it will be any less so any time soon. (Pakistan, as we all know, has missiles to deliver those nukes and an intelligence agency infiltrated by Islamists.) Yet some people seem mired in internecine intra-party struggles, as is Pam Meister on Pajamas Media this morning. (No, I don’t agree with everything there, nor should I.) Writes Pam:

Remember how Ricky Ricardo always used to say in that exasperated voice, “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin to do!” after one of Lucy’s wild escapades? If RINOs wish to woo conservatives back – conservatives needed if they want to retain the White House and win (or just hang onto) seats in November – they’d better think about not just ‘splainin, but keeping the lines of communication wide open. While pragmatists and moderate conservatives are busy looking ahead, too many party stalwarts are mad as hell, and they may not be ready to take any more.


Oh, really? Who cares? Get over yourselves, people. There’s a war on and a serious one. And it includes Democrats and Republicans and everybody else from here to Sandusky. I don’t care who’s a RINO or any other cliché you want to throw at me. Party politics are a shifting sand as old and loose as the Bull Moose Party. The Enlightenment versus Sharia law is an historic battle. This amounts to fiddling while Rome burns (speaking of clichés).

Yes, I know I of all people am not a spokesman for any political party, nor do I wish to be. But I have this advice for Republicans: Save your rhino talk for the zoo and keep your eye on the ball – this is too important.


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