Roger L. Simon

Waxing Waxman

With Congress’ approval rating somewhere South of Attila, it’s hard to imagine what possessed Henry Waxman and company to waste the people’s time and money investigating steroid use in baseball. Waxman evidently finally got the message as he suddenly started backing and shuffling, claiming the whole thing was ball player Roger Clemens’ attorney’s idea. Clemens’ lawyer naturally disputes that, according to USA Today, “calling the congressman’s statements, ‘unbelievable, disingenuous and outrageous.'”

“He is the one who created this circus in the first place,” Hardin said.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty much inclined to believe Hardin here. Nevertheless, at first glance I was relieved that Waxman is, as I said, finally ceasing and desisting from wasting our time and money. But then I remembered the things he normally does – setting up non-stop investigations of his opposition, which are simultaneously malicious and meretricious. This is the kind of phony nonsense during a time of war that caused me to leave the Democratic Party. [Do you know anybody who has left the Republican Party for similar reasons?-ed. Not recently, no.] On second thought, it’s probably better to have Waxman spending his time on baseball.

Now if this man was still a member of the Democratic Party, I’d probably still be too. He is true American hero.