Roger L. Simon

The President as Celebrity

Count me as one of those who finds the President as celebrity a creepy phenomenon. I get that feeling when I read about “women falling for Obama” as well as when I see this on PJM:

Correspondent Brad Rourke reports that a friend texted him from her polling place saying: “Long lines, people comparing it to flu shot lines. ‘I’ve never stood so far back [in line] is the buzz.'”

At another polling place this morning, he reports a young woman voting for the first time coming out with “a big grin on her face, skipping and chanting ‘Barack, Barack, Barack’ under her breath. When she got in her car, she whooped and screamed, ‘I just voted!”

I don’t know about you, but my observation in life has been that when you fall in love your judgment is, shall we say, skewed.

UPDATE: As the great Smokey Robinson once said, “More Love” as Nancita leans toward Obama. What are her fantasies. Again, as Smokey said, “More love, more joy/ Than age or time could ever destroy...” (BTW, I doubt I’d ever vote for Obama, but I’d sure consider Smokey.)