Roger L. Simon

Grammys: Amy Winehouse is the real deal

Normally the Grammys are a parade of phony lighting and self-congratulation (but great costumes). The event just reminds you of how boring the music industry has become. Last night, however, was different the moment Amy Winehouse came on the screen. In a second she reminds you of that great parade of female singers that rip your guts out – Janis, Lady Day, etc. Does a woman have to be a self-destructive junkie to sing like that? Maybe. But it sure gets your attention. (Other notable moments – Little Richard still appears to have it at 75. But why didn’t they let him stand up and”rip it up”? Knees shot? “The Killer,” Jerry Lee, unfortunately, seems finally to be winding down. Too bad, but all good things must come to an end. Tina, however, is a force of nature – see below.)