Roger L. Simon

How to Drive Traffic on the Internet

Formerly, write anything pro/con Ron Paul. This is declining, however. All fads must end – even the hula hoop.

Rising technique: write an article saying conservatives should suck it up and vote for McCain. This one should last for a few more weeks, but probably not long term.

What’s next? (Trying to stay ahead of the curve here)

UPDATE: Okay, I take it back. The anti-McCain meme might have real legs. I just read the following comment by one Mark Stewart to the Jules Crittenden piece linked above, which tells me, assuming it’s not meant as a parody, the the nutsiness level out there has gone beyond the beyond:

I don’t agree with the Manhattan Institute, but I don’t agree with McCain, either.

AQ may destroy airliners and buildings. If they are lucky, they could even set off a nuke.

But that wouldn’t even begin to approach the damage being done to America by power-hungry, vote-buying career incumbents in the socialist wing of the GOP.

Tell your “we are at war” nonsense to someone else. I’m at war with socialism.

Ah, now I get it. Stewart must think McCain is The Manchurian Candidate. They got to him in the North Vietnamese prison camp and all those years in Congress attacking earmarks and fighting government spending were just deep cover.