Roger L. Simon

Who's Worse - MSNBC or Hillary Clinton?

What next? Demonstrating a lack of impulse control reminiscent of, well, Bill Clinton (okay, not as bad as that), MSNBC’s David Shuster opined that the Clinton Campaign “pimped out” Clinton daughter Chelsea for electoral purposes. Clinton attack dog Howard Wolfson consequently called the MSNBC action “disgusting” and warned that the Clinton campaign would refuse to participate in debates on the network.

We should probably give Wolfson special thanks for sparing us more Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, but in truth both sides fit the “disgusting” epithet. There’s nothing weirder than Chelsea out on the hustings for mama after what her parents put her through over the last few decades. We could call it Borgia Family Values. As I have said before, enough of this American Divine Right of Kings. Sayonara Bushes, Kennedys, Clintons, etc.

All in all, score one for Obama (who scares me more than anyone alas).