Roger L. Simon

How to Vote on Indian Gaming - A Post-Graduate Seminar

For you California voters who must make “the decision of your lives today” and decide how to vote on Props 94-97… the Indian gaming propositions… I have a piece of advice for you:

Forget about it. You’ll never figure them out. (They’re more inscrutable than the Isidorean decretals – and deliberately so.)

And no matter how much money the new onslaught of slot machines across our state engenders, it may never come anywhere near the amount spent for the execrable TV ads that have been polluting our television sets for the last month. I was yearning for the days of Viagra and endless ED prescriptions.

On top of it all, the whole thing depresses me. I have a visceral reaction and it comes down to this: The idea that the Native American community is relying on gambling for such a large percentage of their income is bad for us and ultimately bad for them. Who could feel good about such in thing in the final analysis? But if we’re going to have it – and we have for a long time, so it’s unlikely there’s any going back – the state should make a big percentage on this one… build plenty of roads and schools off that onslaught of slot machines. I’m voting no and sending them back to renegotiate.