Roger L. Simon

Davos Shmavos: Brother Bono Confesses to Father Gore

Being profiled in the Washington Times and appearing on Laura Ingraham all in one day doesn’t mean diddley because I haven’t been invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos. Not only that – the aforementioned two things might insure that I never will be. But no matter, there’s plenty of skiing hereabouts these days and I don’t need to borrow a Gulf Stream from Bono to get there. [You mean you’d say no if he offered?-ed. Sir, my carbon footprints are clean.]

What’s funny in all this is Bono prostrating himself in front of Gore when Al probably uses private jets almost as much as Bono and is far more of a hypocrite. (When have you ever seen Gore engage in the slightest bit of self-criticism? And he can’t even rock as well as Huckabee!) But, as I said quite recently, there’s a good Al and a bad Al…. like most of us.