The Flu Strikes

Is the following an immutable equation?

No flu shot + no Airborne + one round trip flight LA/Boston + our round trip flight DC/LA + all flights within ten days = influenza


Well, I’ve got it. And I misdiagnosed myself, thinking the dry hacking cough was just the old reflux acting up (badly), and started mainlining Nexium to no avail. Then I passed out yesterday in the middle of the afternoon. Flu, indeed. We had some Tamiflu around the house I’ve started taking it, though I suspect I was well outside its 48 hour efficiency guideline. In any case, there’s always Greenblatt’s chicken soup, of which I have now imbibed a couple of quarts.

Warning: watching cable television is lethal when you have the flu. The Andrew Bynum-less Lakers all seem sick as dogs and the political bloviators… well, enough said about them…


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