Huckabee Not Going for the Latino Vote

That puts it mildly, I suppose, since he has vowed today to “send all illegal aliens home.” [Does that include your gardening service?-ed. Shush.]

This seems, shall we say, er…, a bit impractical. Our Mike obviously hasn’t spent a lot of time in California lately. Trying to cross the border between San Diego and Tijuana on a normal weekend day takes about three hours. Add half of East Los Angeles into the mix and you might have to wait three months.


Actually, Huckabee is lying (for an obvious reason) and knows it. This ain’t gonna happen. Build a reliable fence, sure, but send everyone home? How exactly do you send ten million or more people back to Mexico? And would you like to have the media filming it every day, as they will? What do you think America would look like to the world, to ourselves, shunting poor families back to Guadalajara on buses?

We need a decent and fair immigration system, but we don’t need demagoguery. The good news is Huckabee’s not getting elected anyway.


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