Does Bill Want Hill to Be Elected?

Think it about it. It’s not simple. What would it really be like to have a First Man or First Laddie or whatever you want to call him in the White House who was once the President himself (and who betrayed the then First Lady, now President, while he himself was in the White House)? Surreal, isn’t it? Almost out of an Elizabethan tragedy… Webster or Marlowe.


No wonder Bill, while seeming to be backing Hillary, makes strange blunders. It’s as if he is subconsciously out to sabotage his wife.

Meanwhile, think about what happens if she loses. All those years of looking the other way during his multiple philanderings were based on her sucking it up so she would win the prize herself. If she doesn’t, how do they look at each other? What happens the day after Hillary loses the nomination?

No one could have made this up.


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