Lieberman to Endorse McCain Monday

William Kristol is reporting that today at the Weekly Standard.

What does this mean? Normally, I don’t think endorsements add up to much, but Joe Lieberman – the Independent Democrat or whatever – is in an interesting position with Republican voters, particularly in New Hampshire where this endorsement is supposed to be occurring, weather permitting. This could actually have some influence on the NH primary and the resurgent McCain campaign. Given that no one is really catching fire on the Republican side – I take Huckabee as a temporary phenomenon, but I could, as always, be wrong – McCain (who was being dismissed) may now be a force to reckoned with. Also in the Arizona Senator’s favor is that he was written off by many some time ago – thus hasn’t been in the public eye as much of late. The boredom factor is extremely important in this endless campaign. Now the aging McCain gets to seem like a new thing….


… for a while.


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