Democratic Debate: Obama doesn't want the job

I caught most of the Democratic debate tonight and I was astonished by how unprepared Obama seemed to be on the most obvious question of the evening – how he stood on illegal aliens having driver’s licenses. This is the very subject he had used to nail Hillary Clinton at the previous debate, yet his answer to this same question this time was, if anything, more evasive than Hillary’s at the other debate. [Video here.]


Surely his handlers must have prepared him for this question. Otherwise they are rank incompetents. So there can only be one conclusion: Barack Obama does not really want to be President.

At least that was what was going through my head while watching the rest of the desultory performance by all concerned. (Only Biden is able to really answer things directly, agree with him of not.)

Now I can’t say I totally blame Obama, because he must know what we all do – that he is way too inexperienced for the job at a time like this. During the last week, when the press was making a big deal out of Hillary stumbling, he must have been wrestling in his unconscious with the possibility that he actually could win – a surprising development under the circumstances. The result: he sabotaged himself at the most obvious moment. You don’t need to be Dr. Freud to figure that one out.

Meanwhile, the real news was coming from Iran. Somehow the Democrats overlooked it.

Other takeaway from the debate. If John Edwards wins the Presidency, maybe I’ll leave the country. (France, anyone?)


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