Thompson: On the Fred Trail

When I get up close to a presidential campaign – something I haven’t done much, but did today with the Fred Thompson campaign here in South Carolina – one thing it doesn’t nurture in me is political ambitions… not that anyone ever asked me.


rogblind.jpgAnd not that I don’t think Thompson did a good job today, both in his speech at The Citadel and in the lengthy interview/conversation Bob Owens and I had with him, which will be up on PJM Thursday. He was excellent, in fact.

It’s just that who in the world would want to run for POTUS and be POTUS? Spend months without a life, trekking from interview to event to speech in order to win a job that is more of the same with the responsibility for nuclear annihilation on your head every morning when you wake up.

But I whine. Perhaps I am just exhausted. First Blog World, now this. Time for a little shut eye. (See picture at right)


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