Child's Play at The Washington Monthly

Next Thursday at Blog World, I am going to be on a panel entitled rather portentously: Raising the Level of Discourse in the Political Blogosphere. Others on the panel with me will be Michael Medved, Jeralyn Meritt, Sean-Paul (The Agonist), Jim Hoft and Ed Morrissey.


Suffice it to say, Kevin Drum will not be among them. He was too busy lowering the level yesterday with a post ALL-TIME WINGNUTTIEST BLOG POST CONTEST.

Kevin’s explanation for why is doing this is:

But why focus on the all-time worst in the wingnut blogosphere anyway? Isn’t that mean? What’s driving this besides sheer bloody-mindedness?

History, that’s what. A century from now, even the very best blog posts will be long forgotten. Let’s face it: they aren’t that good. But bad blog posts will still be every bit as bad as they were on the day they were spawned. They’ll endure. So really, we’re doing this for the children. And the grandchildren.

Uhuh, Kevin, I see… it’s for your grandchildren… not to fan dissension and create attention for yourself. With all due respect, you are either a liar or your lack of self-knowledge is extraordinary. I hope it’s the latter.


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