It's immigration, stupid!

Well, of course it’s really the war, but the election itself may superficially be more about immigration than we think. While driving to Pajamas HQ this morning, I was listening to the usual rehash of last night’s Democratic debate, which I didn’t watch. (For some reason, the Lakers opener was more interesting.) Anyway, the big deal from last night, which I did read in transcript, was evidently Hillary’s continued evasiveness on the issues. Why not? She’s ahead. I’d do the same thing in her shoes, particularly on the immigration issue.


Barack (the Big Snore) Obama apparently advocates driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and was trying to get Hillary to take a stand on that. She didn’t, for obvious reasons. She’d have to be an idiot to know that’s not a BIg Loser in the general election. Even 72% of New Yorkers oppose it, according to a poll read on the radio that didn’t sound outlandish. Common sense dictates this is a non-starter, but not to Obama, who is courting the “liberal” wing of the Democratic Party, or rather hanging onto it for dear life.

If the Republicans get lucky, Obama and Edwards will really come after Hillary hard in a way that hurts her candidacy, but I think it’s already too late. On the other hand, something more interesting, at least more salacious, may be brewing on the campaign horizon…. And just in the nick of time. Many of us were about to fall asleep. More ! More!… say the Romans.


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