The Sphinx Goes Nuclear - The United States goes braindead.

What has four legs in the morning of its life, two legs in the noon of its life and three legs in the evening of its life?

The Sphinx after nuclear testing.

Oh, never mind.


But the latest news out of Cairo – that Egypt too is now going nuclear – does seem like a bad joke.

Our government is, of course, “welcoming” this decision on the part of Mubarak & Co., whose intention, again of course, is not military but “to diversify Egypt’s energy resources and preserve its oil and gas reserves for future generations.”

Meanwhile, back in our country, the left and right continue to do nothing much at all about our power situation – the left mired in knee-jerk fears of nuclear energy out of outdated Hollywood movies and the right mired in equally knee-jerk opposition to government subsidy of scientific projects (hey, it got us to the moon, didn’t it?).

Listen, ladies and gentlemen, drop your bourgeois ideologies, left and right, and start moving. The fight against Islamofascism is a waste of energy without new ways of obtaining energy. Don’t believe me, check out this list.


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