Roger L. Simon

Back in Lalaland

I’m home after doing some Pajamas work in New York and DC. We’re bringing in some new PajamasXpress bloggers – Ron Silver and Roger Kimball – and working on improving our operations. So-called New Media isn’t so different from so-called Old Media… it takes work. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve morphed from a writer into a traveling salesman. Leaving aside the Willy Loman aspects, the interesting part is that – as opposed to sitting in your room making up stories – you get to see a bit of real life. Someone who has been writing as long as I have suffers form a real life deficit. These last few years I’ve been getting it in spades. It’s been a kind of recharging for me. I hope I get to exploit it.

Meanwhile, I don’t even have enough time to read. While others hate flying (for good reason), I welcome it because, especially on longer flights (Dulles-LAX, etc.) I get to wrap up in a book. This time back and forth over the country I’ve been reading Daniel Mendelsohn’s The Lost, which won some prizes last year. Unlike other prizes, it’s deserved. Couple of more flights and I might even get through it.