Alan Fram - "poll analyst" for the AP

Speaking of polls (see below), I couldn’t resist commenting on the Alan Fram column for the AP, which explains to the great unwashed the reasons for Bush’s worst ever poll number (31% approval) and the even more disastrous Congressional number (22%).


Naturally enough, the “unbiased” Fram leads with President when it’s the Congress whose number has reached almost the minimum conceivable for such things. We come to expect that. Bashing Bush is like breathing for the soul inert.

What’s more dismaying is that virtually his entire analysis comes down to – It’s the war, stupid. Bush is down because of the war. And Congress is further down for their inability to force Bush out of the war. (Something doesn’t compute there, but never mind.)

I wonder if it’s just possible that what is depressing those numbers on both sides is something more basic – a failure to communicate… Bush with those who oppose him (and many in the middle) and Congress with virtually everybody (hence their lower numbers).

But I could be wrong. I’m no “poll analyst.”


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