Roger L. Simon

Saudi Arabia: The Shame of Condoleezza Rice

I am embarrassed to think back now on the days when I thought Condi Rice was presidential material. For those of you who weren’t reading me then or don’t remember, yes, I did a fair amount of cheerleading for Ms. Rice on this blog.

Shame on me for that and shame on her for continuing to kowtow to the religious-fascist-misogynist-homophobes who rule Saudi Arabia. How repellent is the thought of a modern American female Secretary of State offering twenty billion dollars in weapons to a regime that doesn’t even allow women to drive. Whatever happened to the idea of a democratic Middle East? Down the tubes in the name of the phoniest realpolitik imaginable, the same old same old, but this time utilizing the excuse of standing up to Iran.

How about standing up to Iran ourselves? How about having some ideals? You might as well, because not having ideals doesn’t seem to get you anywhere.

Oh, well, she was great dream while she lasted.