Roger L. Simon

Senor Slim could solve the immigration problem

The idea that a Mexican telcom billionaire – Carlos Slim – is now the world’s richest man to the tune of $67.8bn is worth more than a little thought. According to the Guardian, this guy’s fortune is equivalent to 8% of Mexico’s gross domestic product, emphasis on the gross in Slim’s case because the plutocrat could easily solve the border by himself. Forget all the legislation and fences, Slim alone could create so many decent jobs in Mexico he could slow illegal immigration to a trickle. But as far as I know, Slim is not emulating his fellow mega-billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett both of whom have pledged to give away their fortunes and have clearly already started. Moreover, Gates and Buffett already live in an advance industrialized state and in Gates’ case at least is a heavy donor to the developing world. Slim lives in the developing world. That’s peculiar by itself when you think of the income disparity, even more so when you think of the insoluble problems of the Mexican economy. It would be fantastic if he got involved in this. For all I know, he could be already. That would be great.