Roger L. Simon

First Rather, Now Moonves

Everybody’s got some explanation for the extinction of a dinosaur (the Evening News). First, according to Dan (see below), it’s because Ms. Katie is “dumbing down” the news; now it’s because, according to CBS honcho Les Moonves, Ms. Katie is a Ms.

Oh, please. Find a new spin doctor someone. We live in an era when a woman is quite possibly on her way to the White House and Moonves wants us to believe that horse hockey. No one (or almost no one) cares whether it’s a man or a woman blabbering on on the Evening News – it’s just that people are tired of the forced blabber. History, technology and everything else moves on…. but not, apparently, CBS, which seems to be sinking fast in the LaBrea tar pits (not far from CBS hq, as it happens).