Roger L. Simon

Giuliani - A Return to Form

Running for office, especially these days and especially for President, is like an obstacle course that never ends, so it’s no surprise that the candidates will have many ups and downs. Rudy Giuliani, who was once riding high, has been in a trough of late because of some waffling on the abortion issue. Rich Miniter mentioned this on today’s Corn & Miniter Show, pointing out that Rudy fared better when he was forthright about his pro-choice position.

I doubt that Rudy was listening, because this link predates C & M, but I am pleased to report that Giuliani is returning to form, stating (not parsing) his position.

We all know it anyway, so what’s the purpose of hiding behind a wall of words. What the Mayor has always had going for him is his having the courage of his convictions. That’s why he wants us to trust him to lead us through the war against Islamism. He should stick with that,.