Roger L. Simon

Evening News Dinosaur Watch

When I read that Katie Couric is in trouble as anchorwoman of the CBS Evening News (yawn), I am actually stunned that anybody still watches the evening network news at all. Why? Can anyone enlighten me? Is it just habit? Lethargy? There are so many more timely (and better) outlets giving you news when and where you want it. Who could possibly be interested in this predigested pap? Listening to these pontificators, male or female, puts me to sleep.

I would bet that if CBS just gave up the evening news altogether their revenues would skyrocket. Of course, there is the image/prestige factor for them to consider. But why? Can anyone seriously imagine … close your eyes here … that there will be an evening network news of the same nature ten or fifteen years from now? Why don’t they just put the animal out of its misery now and put it to sleep?