Jealous Al - Does Barack Need Him?

Al Sharpton says no way is he jealous of Barack Obama …

What set Sharpton off was a published report that he is trying to hurt Obama’s campaign because he’s jealous. Sharpton says that claim is untrue, charging the story came from the Obama camp to pressure him into an early endorsement.


It is so, if you think so… My guess is the truth here is the arrival of Obama signals the end for Sharpton and his ilk (Jesse Jackson, etc.). And naturally those race-based pols are scared and angry. Barack doesn’t spend a lot of time playing the race-card and has already dared to ratify the Bill Cosby line that African-Americans, like the rest of us, should spend more time doing things for themselves than waiting for handouts. This puts Al & Co. out of business.

Of course the handwriting was always on the wall. That first “black President” Bill Clinton was one of the first to cut entitlements. Still, Sharpton has nowhere to go but the Clintons. I think it’s pretty obvious he’s desperately looking for a way to back Hillary. If Obama beats her, Al’s a dinosaur. He probably already is.


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