"Senior Moments" at the Libby Trial

I have long last patience for the Valerie Plame Affair, but I had to smile when I read today’s coverage by Byron York in the New York Post. This whole silly exercise in taxpayer waste has turned into a kind of Boomer Opera Bouffe filled with strange memory lapses. Judith Miller, Tim Russert… hardly anyone seems to remember what they did or heard. Can’t say I blame them. I have similar lapses myself. And it’s going to get worse. But there is hope, at least according to this report.


Of course, this is all about whether Scooter Libby lied to a grand jury, a crime for which he may pay dearly. Which is also ironic since virtually everybody connected to this creepy affair is lying in some way or other. Joseph C. Wilson, the instigator of this nonsense, lied quite publicly on the oped page of New York Times. As for the reporters covering the case, well, the less said the better. After all, they have their livelihoods to protect. Where would they be without illegal leaks?

This tedious business has turned into a money machine for lawyers and authors. But beneath is something serious – the ongoing rivalry between the DIA and the CIA. The latter, the mammoth bureaucracy famous for missing the fall of the Soviet Union, doesn’t like its competition. Who does?



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