Why Rudy?

As most of you know by now, Rudy Giuliani threw his hat in the ring today, quickly ending the speculation that he was waffling on his run for the Presidency.

Good. As most readers of this site know, I favor Rudy. At least for now. I say “for now” because anything can happen almost two years out from an election, but for me he is a strong favorite. He seems to be the only candidate in either party with the leadership experience and capabilities to handle the global crisis we are now in, a crisis which is highly unlikely to get much better in the immediate future.


And, yes, I tend to agree with him on the social issues (where I am, if anything, more liberal than he is), but that is beside the point. There are no social issues or much of anything else until we defeat the rise of Islamism. I don’t know why anybody in the world would want the responsibility of being President now, but I’m relieved Giuliani wants to take a chance.


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