Roger L. Simon

"The Geffen Contemporary" - Will Hollywood Kill Hill?

Hollywood, ever driven by the chic, is threatening to desert Hillary Clinton for Barack Obama, according to this ABC article. (Actually, I have heard rumors of this for several weeks, including that the instigator of this defection may be someone prominent on the Internet the show biz crowd thinks of as a deep political thinker.)

This is bad news for Hillary, just as it is dimwitted for Hollywood players to jump on such an untested bandwagon. But since the leading motivation of Hollywood political types has always been to be perceived as politically progressive, rather actually to be it, this is par for the course. The idea of someone like David Geffen as a “man of the people” is beyond ludicrous, but there he is scurrying to be first on his (Malibu beachfront) block to be underwriting the seemingly ultra-politically correct Mr. Obama – a man of peace who fully understands, unlike Hillary and her husband, what a reckless endeavor Iraq is and was. Yet in the world of deeper ironies, it would be this same chic Hollywood crowd who would be the first to be beheaded were Islamism to be successful. But in the palm-lined corridors of the Beverly Hills Hotel, where room service is always available, they could never dream such a thing to be possible.