Bush's speech - being President will kill you

Who wants to grow up to be President? I remember kids used to want that when I was running around grammar school in the Fifities. But now?

I was wondering about that when I watched Bush gives his speech last night. I knew pretty much what he was going to say in advance, so I concentrated mostly on Bush the Man…. the new creases on his face… the croaking voice… the sadness in his eyes. Who could want this job? I thought then of the latest group of aspirants. What kind of a person is Hillary Clinton that she could have gone through what she did in public and still want to be President? Most of us would run for the hills, never wanting to be seen in public again. But perhaps becoming President is the only justification in the end for what she did go through, for enduring that humiliation.


Being President of the United States has become such an important job on a global scale that it takes an almost superhuman being to do it. Yet such a being does not exist. I have an idea…. God for President! [I thought you were an agnostic.-ed. Still….]


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