Roger L. Simon

Kobe Bryant Revisited

The rap on Kobe Bryant has always been that he doesn’t know how to share the ball. But after four games in which he averaged 45 points a game, last night against Denver he scored 8 points while dishing out 10 assists. The Lakers, now fully Kobe’s team, won in a walk. The following from the LAT’s coverage says it all:

“Kobe facilitated a lot of things tonight,” Jackson said. “I know there’s some people out there that really wanted him to score … but he did the right thing in the type of game that was being played. I think he felt very comfortable with that too.”



“It felt great,” Bryant said. “Fantastic. I said I needed a night off. You guys are working me too hard — double overtime, triple overtime, overtime.

“In all seriousness, I’d much rather have this type of game, everybody just playing, having fun. It was the most fun we’ve had all year.”

Good news: people change.

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