Roger L. Simon

Baby, it's cold outside ... Is this bad news for Al Gore?

It’s pretty chilly here in the land of perpetual summer (LA) and I could only nod when I checked out this link from PJ about record cold weather all over the place. It also includes news the Russian Academy of Sciences is predicting a new Ice Age. I wonder if my fellow Academy members will pick this up when judging this years’ documentaries – Al Gore’s global warming extravaganza is among the Oscar favorites in that category. [Stop being disingenuous. You know they’d still believe in Global Warming if Palm Springs turned into Antarctica. -ed. You’re right. They’d think it was a “Happy Feet” promo.] But meanwhile, what is really going on here? Are we supposed to worry about global warming, hurricanes, tsunamis and bird flu (remember that?)? Or are they all just temporary aberrations in the great glide of time? I’ve decided I’m going to try to be happy for ten minutes and ignore the whole thing. The good news is, we’ve booked a nice hotel for cross country skiing in the Methow Valley over Christmas and there’s going to be plenty of snow! [Barring sudden global warming.-ed. Right, right. I forgot about that.]